Online time tracking


Time tracking

Your employees get access to the time worked accounting panel at any time. They can mark the time of work, the name of the object, the work order, and so on.

Setting up a timesheet

There are simple and easy-to-work timesheet settings for the manager. They are the calculation of tax, the cost of payment per hour for each employee, the choice of currency (SEK/EUR/USD), and so on.

Working time statements

The employer has the opportunity to print or email the employee’s timesheet in PDF and Word format, and so on.

Trial license 14 days


Time saving

Filling out the work report card by employee will save the employer’s time in calculating hours, wages and overtime working hours.

Convenient panel

The easy-to-use panel can be used in three languages (Russian, English and Swedish). It will allow employees to fill out a timesheet easily


Now it will be easier and more convenient for employees to transmit information, and for the employer – to collect a working time report in one place.